Remote not working on Sansonic converter box


How do I get a new remote for my sansonic DTV box?
I had a Sansonic Converter box and I used and I used a RCA universal remote Model RCR412BN which I bought at Wal*Mart, it will still work with the Sansonic, but I had to scrap the box since it cause by strongest channel to bread-up, my other receivers didn't have any problems, just that box, it work great for almost two years and just acted up. Here is the URL on the RCA website for that remote.
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here is the URL for the code list to this remote.


So even though I found a universal code to control volume and channel up/down on the sansonic I still had to repair my original remote. I finally popped open the shell and replaced the battery terminal with a solid metal type contact from old salvage / spare parts and now it is working again. The original flat side spring type contact seemed to be corroded even though the battery did not look like they had leaked. Now it works again.


Universal Remote Codes for Sansonic FT-300A DTV Box

Most likely there may NEVER be a universal remote for these converter boxes, because the universal remote control companies have to buy one of these to get the codes. Sadly, the market life appears to have ended, which it shouldn't have. We've only been given, what, 18 months to get these converter boxes, and over half of them have either reception, operational, or picture detail problems.

The Sansonic converter box is the product of several years of research done quite well. Are they going to let that well dry up completely? I hope they will release an updated version with more audio and video ouput choices to benefit older HDTVs.
Having said that, here's how to get the sansonic working with a universal remote:

There are some obscure postings claiming Toshiba TV codes work... Initially, I couldn't get those codes to work until I tried a slightly newer (but still very old) DirecTV remote (white top, dark gray bottom, orange select button and 4 buttons colored red, green, yellow and blue from left to right under the back, menu and info buttons).

Enter TV programming mode by sliding the switch all the way right to the TV position, then hit MUTE and SELECT simultaneously until the TV light (grn) blinks twice. Now enter 1-0-8-4-5. The light will blink again. Now point the remote to the sansonic DTV box an press POWER on the remote, and SLEEP should happen. At least the volume, channel select and power buttons work -- maybe more, I haven't tried them all. Getting an autoscan started would be nice -- anyone else??

Turns out other remotes work too -- they all have the "845" portion of the code in common -- some are 10845, or 00845, or 0845, etc. Apparently, the first remote I tried to use was one code shy of the 845 code because it was just a bit older than the first TV Toshiba released with the 0845 unicode.



The original Sansonic Remote Control is about the weirdest I have ever seen. In effect, it has two "Menu" buttons. One is marked "V-chip Menu". This is what the replacement remotes from GE and RCA have placed on their "Menu" buttons. It's of very limited use.

The real "Menu" button is the one marked "CH Scan" on the original remote. It has 3 sub-menus: (1)RF Channel selects Ch3/4. (2) Audio mode selects mono/stereo. (3) Time Zone is self-explanitory. And of course, it has the all important Auto Scan for channels. I have NOT seen these options included in the replacement remotes from GE and RCA that I tested earlier this year.

The original Sansonic Remote Control also has one other very important button labled "Ant Level", which can also be used to add an individual channel. Again, I have NOT seen this function on replacement remotes from GE and RCA (incidently, the newer remotes from RCA appear to use One-for-All codes).

If the replacement manufacturers had read the Sansonic manual they would know all this. Hopefully, they will get around to getting it right someday.



I was ready to pull my hair out have have 3 TV"s a kid that only want's to play his XBOX a husband that only want's to watch the news their TV's are fine mine is old and rusty and needs the converter tried the Toshiba DVD code and bammm!!! It works and I love again thank you Zuba and Chewing puppies.