Remote update - DirecTV

How do I go back to the way my remote use to work????

I use to be able to hit the right arrow next to OK and it would go like this
Old way?
I could go as far ahead as I wanted and see the summary without interfering with my picture. You have changed it so that now I have to hit the down arrow, then the right arrow andI get this:

I can only go as far ahead as 4 shows. If I look at the info I block out my picture. If I this back or info again to return I return to the original screen where I pressed the down arrow

then I have to hit the right arrow again, remember which one I left off at. If I want to see all four, I have to hit down arrow, right arrow, info, back, right arrow twice, info, back, then right arrow three times, info back, then right arrow four time, then infor then exit. All the while the picture is hidden behind the info.

Before all I had to to was advance the right arrow arrow for each show and see the summary without losing my picture.

You have added so many keystrokes to the process. Why did you change it? How do I get it back to the old way?????

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