Removing Word Network TV - XFinity

Dear Comcast Xfinity,
I am a long time customer of Comcast and I just received some disappointing news that Comcast will not being carrying
Word Network TV.

This is really a hardship and burden to my spirit and to all the millions of watchers of this Christian programing.Many lives will be affected by this move, the reaching of the lost, the hardcore radicals, people in the prisons, hospitals etc.

So I am pleading that you will reconsider your decision to not sign the Word Network TV back on.

And NO there is NOT to many Christian broadcasting programs, we need plenty more. When I as Pastor can't hardly find anything decent on the tv for the sexual, promiscuous filth, murdering and killing and you guys made this decision to take something that is changing lives for the better?

Please reconsider your decision for the sake of being used to bring healing and change in AMERICA!

Committed to His service,
Pastor Carletta B.Moore
An Apostle to the Body of Christ

This question, "Removing Word Network TV," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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