Renew Package Discounts or Switch to XFinity? - DirecTV

Well, it's that time of the year again where I get to decide if it's worth the back and forth to try to maintain my current service at a resonable cost by asking that my package discounts be renewed or go ahead and make the switch to X Finiity. Anyone else been through this and offer any advice?

My current bill is about to jump to $140+ for 24 Internet & U200 TV on 3 TVs. Currently, this is being offered for $110 (up to 4 receiviers included).
XFinity is 25Mbps Internet & 140+ Channel Package on 3 TVs for $109 per month.
So the way I see it it's the exact same price, my house is already wired for either option so no big obstacle to switching.

Anyone know what is available to long term AT&T customers in the way of retention offers? $30 x 2 years = $720 savings to switch to X Finity... Does ATT do any matching?

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