Renting a Redbox DVD? Get All Your Rentals Free

Leaving the house to rent a DVD may seem like an outdated concept, but Redbox's low prices still make it a great option for cash-strapped families. But with rentals now costing $1.20 a night per movie, frequent renters could find the costs adding up.

Free Rentals

When it comes to getting movies at a discount, Redbox customers are at a definite advantage. Because the service is handled through the cloud, coupons must be issued through codes, which can be passed around. While some companies have blocked public sharing of coupon codes, Redbox doesn't, for the most part, which means with a small amount of research, a customer can get a free rental over and over and over again.

Many of these codes are posted on sites like Coupon Dad, where codes are offered without strings attached. While RetailMeNot was once a great source for Redbox coupon codes, most of the codes posted are for new customers or for use at specific Redbox locations. RetailMeNot is great, however, for providing information on which coupons have been successful for other users, which can save time.


If you're planning to try out a coupon code at your nearest Redbox kiosk, you should make a list of several different codes. Since some codes you find will expire and some are invalid from the start, you may have to try three or four codes to find one that works.

To use a coupon code online, simply click on the "use credits or promo code" box on the checkout page, then choose "use online promo code." However, there are many promo codes that will only work at the box, so if your attempts to use your code online fail, you may have to head out to the location to give it a try.

Promo codes are only good for $1.20 rentals. Because Blu-Ray discs cost $1.50 per night, you'll still be responsible for $.30 if you choose to have the Blu-Ray version of your movie.

Redbox Free Movie Options

Once a month, you can receive a free Redbox DVD by simply signing up for the company's text message club. Joining the club will sign you up to receive texts about specials and promotions, so if you're charged by the text, this might not be a very cost-effective option.

The good news is, once your e-mail address is registered with Redbox, you're likely to have coupon codes directly sent to you. These codes have short expiration dates, but they give you a chance to rent a movie for free at least once a month. For those times when you're ready to rent but you don't have a code, a simple online search for "Redbox codes" will likely bring up the latest promo codes that are circulating.

Is Redbox aware that these codes are circulated? Probably. But since many renters hold onto their free rentals for a second or third day, the freebie is worth it. Additionally, the freebies keep renters active on the service, giving them an incentive to leave the house vs. paying the extra few dollars to rent it through their cable provider's pay-per-view service.
Red box is good because it has the latest movies ,but the 1.20per night does add up and if you miss that payment , then it will be a problem because they will keep charging your for it. The stability is that people can ring the movies non-stop and the same movies as much as possible.