Repeated Illegal download warnings pt.2 - Time Warner Internet

So after finally fixing an issue I have come across another issue I have been getting warning about me downloading a movie THAT I ALREADY OWN ALREADY. I purchased off of google play but this is the second time I have gotten this warning and this time my wifi got disabled until i acknolwedge the warning. I have changed my wifi password and wifi SSID in hopes this fixes the issue.I can provide the IP address that was given to me in the email but please if any one can provid any information to fix this thank you.

As a check list to start things off I have already done the following
-Change SSID/Wifi password
-Ran multiple Malware scans using Malware bytes
-Checked the Ip addresses of all of the devices on my network I know who they are.

I can provide the ip address that was sent too me on my email address if requested I didn't want to post it just encase it was violating any provicy rules.