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To make a long story short, I agreed to a package with Comcast for two years. It included the Blast internet and ALL the premium channels regardless of the fact that I don't watch much TV at all. Comcast seems to structure their packages where you need to get way more than you want just have the little that you'll actually use. So I reluctantly agreed to the two year agreement without being told that after the first year the bill gets jacked up.

Upon noticing the increase in bill I call Comcast on the phone to dicsuss what's going on. It takes me a half dozen phone calls over 2 days to finally get something I'm even remotely happy with. It's a smaller channel package that, according to the last rep I spoke with, inlcuded HBO (the only premium channel I actually watch). I'm more or less satisfied. Fast forward 6 days and I, for the first time since making any changes, turn on HBO... only to find a message saying it's not in my service package. So I call a rep today who starts in on promotions and what it'll cost to add it etc. I explain that I'd already been through this over mulptiple phone calls. The rep tells me that I'll need to await a phone call tomorrow to discuss options.

I am fed up with Comcast entirely. I'm sick of paying nearly $200 a month (internet and cable) for a bloated service package to be able to watch the few channels my wife and I enjoy.... only to have to deal with these constant nuisances regarding billing and subscriptions. FIX THIS ISSUE or I'm going back to Direct TV. My home is wired and already has the dish. Time for some customer service as I don't have time to be on the phone constantly regarding my cable bill!

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