MLB: Replay system for umpires in baseball


Major league baseball is utilizing video technology to assist umpiring decisions for many different types of calls this season, and I've been fascinated to see how it is changing the dynamic of manager/umpire conversations. From what I've seen so far, the system will reduce the screaming/yelling/freaking out Earl Weaver/Lou Piniella-style managerial meltdowns by close to 90%. Another cool aspect of the system is that MLB has created a twitter feed that will document all challenged calls:
I like the new tactic of the coach running out to SLOWLY argue the call while he keeps looking back at the dugout to an assistant on the phone to see if he should ask for a review or not myself! Saw it live at the Padres day opener today! Too funny :)


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I understand that baseball and basketball are taking the same concept that the NFL has had with challenging calls. In some ways it's good and in other ways I believe it's not so good. Baseball has always been about the umpires judgement on what he saw which is what i'm use to and probably the only reason I don't agree with the replay ability now. But then again, it is showing how other sports are changing with technology. Now they will have the ability to call the plays correctly.


I wonder if officials will simply watch and re-watch video in a control room...rather than being on the field. Then every call will be "right" and nobody will complain. We will all learn not to trust our eyes or allow room for human error. It will no longer be a game. All hail the cams and drones.


the replay system has been ... interesting to say the least. I think it has helped in a few situations but ultimately more trouble than it's worth. Plus back in the old day they didn't have this technology, why should we need it now? Migh as well switch to aluminimum bats.
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