Yay!!! We have a reputation system. You just click on the scales to tell someone that you appreciate their post. It is a nice way to feel appreciated. For those that don't know, you can look in your User CP in the middle of the page to see the reputation comments other posters have left you.

I do have a question though. Some very sweet members have left me positive comments, but it doesn't tell me who they were. I would love to thank them. Do we have the option to see who repped us? It may not necessarily be someone who posted on the thread we were repped on.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Great idea to alert everyone Ac!!! Just gave you another +1 today!

The scale that Ac is talking about looks like this:
and is located below the "Rate Thread" bar of the person who started the thread. If you want to give a reputation point to a person who replied to a thread, the scale will be located within the blue bar (On the right side) at the top of their post.