Requesting a cable box signal refresh - XFinity

How hard can it be to request a cable-box signal refresh???

I have been sitting here for almost one hour trying to find the option online, and also via their phone number.

The website doesn't have the option. The site's search on the topic doesn't even show ANY results, it just churns away. The online chat box won't even open unless you tell it what your service issue is, and they don't list the refresh, so that wasn't helpful.

The phone tells me that I can use "the automated service to refresh the cable signal", but doesn't give you a way to get INTO the automated system!

All I want to do is refresh the signal without going the unplug-from-wall route, as there are more listings that ususual that say "to be announced".

Is there a direct way to access this feature via phone?? Maybe a different phone number (other than 800-934-6489)?

Comcast: PLEASE put a simple refresh request button in the account section of your website!

THANKS for any info which may come my way here

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Xfinity automated refresh nightmare

I am wondering the same thing. I am banging my head off the wall because I was on hold for 39 minutes then she picked up the phone and hung up on me.