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This question is about "Requesting MsRaye - 50.7mhz channel", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Over the years, with random issues, I've lurked the forums hoping for insight and MsRaye often has information for the most unusual situations, and hopefully she has information for my situation as well.

The 50.7mhz channel has a lower SNR than the others--why?

I've tried to help nudge Time Warner to correct issues at my parents' house in San Antonio, TX and things kept coming up. It's hard to get in town when the techs will come out and, understandably, they don't want to replace anything as long as it's "good enough". I've ended up replacing the wiring, myself, throughout the entire house, with the exception of the grounding block, the new rg11 cable the last tech ran to the house, and the 2way splitter which I'm using as the drop for the modem. Everything else installed by Time Warner (Paragon in early years, Spectrum in recent months) at various times from about 2001 to present, has been replaced. Things have been perfect for one week--no issues with tv usage, tv signals, or modem signals. In the past, within 24 hours, there would be correctables and even uncorrectables on the modem diagnostic page. Now, the modem and the DVR diagnostic pages show zero problematic packets and it's been a solid week.

I've noticed one thing which was apparent even before I rewired their house--the 50.7mhz channel has a lower SNR than the others, and I can't find information about what this could be caused by or what operates on that frequency. This is why I hope MsRaye has some insight, so that I can make a note of it and/or take some preemptive measures. Everything is running well and I'm sure you'll say "that's all looking great", however, because it stood out even before I replaced everything, I'd like to know what the cause could be. If this could be something farther up the line (the havoc of what a slightly loose but fully functional connection at one home in Seattle could cause, for the whole neighborhood, was incredible), or if it's something like an amateur radio typically used in another country but someone in their neighborhood is a licensed operator or something, I'd be appreciative to hear whatever information you can share. Thank you, MsRaye.

Before rewiring their house (a few days of uptime):

After rewiring their house (one week of uptime):

And, a second question I have--is it normal for the upstream power levels to fluctuate so much? I've been watching regularly and it seems to fluctuate between about 38 and 46 over time (Ubee DVW32CB). The line goes from the modem, to the 2way splitter, to the grounding block, to the pole. Does the 6183 or 6190 fluctuate like this as well?

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