Required cable box change? - XFinity

Recently while calling Xfinity to check on a cable outage the representative told me my cable box was fried and he would send a replacement. Later that night my service was restored and the cable box was in fact working. I call Xfinity to cancelled the replacement box. The agent I spoke with insisted that my box was outdated and needed to be replaced even though I told her it was functioning. I then asked if my box was outdated why wasn't I contacted earlier before I called in to inquire about an outage? She had no answer but insisted on the sending the replacement box. Has anyone else been told they need to replace their box because it is outdated? Is Xfinity in fact replacing outdated boxes? I have never received any notices concerning this policy.

This question, "Required cable box change?," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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