Resolution and Ghosting - DirecTV DVR

For Resolution and Ghosting, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. My system has a very faint ghost on the images. When a feature is small, the ghosting makes it impossible to see things clearly....features "wobble". A tech dropped a line straight from the antenna to my main set and it was still there. He change out the antenna reciever joy. It isn't the house wiring since he bypassed it. Three sets have same issue. DVDs are rock solid and sharp.

So, what is the acceptible quality for a satellite image: it should be sharp. I have plenty of S/N and the image is solid...just this pesky faint ghosting. It must be the signal coming in. The antenna just grazes some tree foliage...which may be scattering the signal just a bit. Anyone have any knowledge of such an issue or such a possible source of the image problem??

Thanks for any help.