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I know there are other forums on this subject, all the ones I saw are 6+ months old, I wasn't sure how active they are.

I've had Direct Tv for 2 weeks weeks now. In the living room I have a wireless Genie connected to my Vizio Smart Tv. Every morning when I turn on the tv to put on the news, the picture is in 480p. If I don't change it to 1080p using the display setting on the guide, the tv will eventually turn off showing (Resolution Not Supported). Usually I just turn the box off, or I press the red reset button on the side of the Genie and Tv service returns in 1080p and I am happy... for a little while. Until I go to my DVR list to pick a recording, power the genie back on from being turned off, or just when the box randomly decides it no longer supports the resolution.

Fixes I've attempted
-Resetting the Genie Box
-Unchecking all resolutions in display menu other than 1080i and 1080p
-Changing the HDMI cable to a store bought one
-Using all 3 HDMI ports of the TV, thinking that maybe 1 is only supported for hdcp
-unplugging the tv for 30 seconds and plugging it back it. hoping to reset their "digital handshake"
-turning off "native" option on the TV itself

I've done a fair share of research on the subject. Unfortunately none of these fixes that have worked for others, have worked for me. Any other ideas? A hammer perhaps?

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