Retailer says Card is invalid - Expiration date Ok???

I received a coupon which is valid until 11/20/08. I have tried several times to get a box at Wal-mart; but they did not have any. This morning they had the boxes; so I tried to use the coupon. They tried several times; but the card kept saying invaild. Is there something else that I am supposed to do? Is there anyone from the coupon that can verify that the card number is valid? Please help!!!

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hi Lisa, hope you don't mind, I moved your thread to the Government Coupon Section.

Is it possible that someone may have used the card without you knowing about it? Mail tampering? This is not the first case that I've seen of this. You may want to try a different Wal Mart or retailer like Radio Shack just to see if it was a problem at the store you visited.


So then is this person out of luck and has to pay for the box herself. I think that in all reality they should have a better method of doing this then the one they are using.