Retention department fraud - DirecTV

I am a former AT&T Uverse residential customer and a current DirecTV customer. On September 20, 2016, I contacted AT&T customer service to notify them that I would be moving residences on approximately October 1, 2016. As an enticement to remain a customer of AT&T, the representative promised me $600 in total gift cards would be sent to me if I agreed to sign up for DirecTV at my new residence. I accepted the offer and commenced service with DirecTV shortly thereafter.

Although, as of this date, I have received $300 in gift cards, AT&T still owes me an additional $300. I have called both U-verse and DirecTV customer service on multiple occasions and spent over three hours on the phone with no results. Your customer service agents have assured me there are notes on my account confirming the $600 total in gift cards that were promised. The agents have promised to call me back to settle the matter but have never done so.

I contacted AT&T's general counsel office today and will file a claim in small claims court if this matter is not promptly settled.

This question, "Retention department fraud," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Fraud within your company

I am trying to report a fraud on DirecTV's loyalty department on 10-11-2017. This nice lady told to me she could reduce my bill to $80.00 a month for 2 years all I had to do is pay direct tv $480.00 and I wouldn't have to pay anything for 6 months and then for the next 18 months my bill would be $80.00. I have a name of someone and their id number. I also have an e-mail they sent me. This number she told me to call was in the Philippines and the gentleman asked if I had gotten the Green Dot Money Pak from the drug store yet. I said no what are you talking about and he said that is how I would have to pay not with a debit or credit card. Then I was suspicious and called Direct TV with the regular number. I would like to give this information to corporate and let them catch this lady and her partners. Help please.

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