Retrieving twc folders after migration - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Retrieving twc folders after migration", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Can ANYONE tell me how to retrieve my folders from my roadrunner account? Spectrum told me that once the migration was completed they would be back in my account however I've yet to see them and I am getting NO HELP from spectrum. Not one of their technical "specialists" seems to have an answer for me. It is unfathonable to me that Spectrum would have closed the roadrunner server without checking that all files were transferred on the new platform. I CANNOT believe this is not a top priority subject. Do not tell me that years of saved emails are now unretrievable. Certainly that would be migration 101 correct?????????? I apprecate a response from a spectrum specialist on how to retrieve my folders (which contain many legal documents that I need to access).

Retrieving twc folders after migration?