Retro and This tv not sharing markets?


Dayton and Cincinnati markets have the This tv network while the Columbus market has Retro, but none of those three markets have both networks. Looking at Jay's post on the various digital tv markets from around the country I couldn't find any examples of both networks airing in the same market either.

Could there be some kind of deal that when one of those networks appear in any given market the other network can't broadcast there too?

Thomas G

Information from Wiki - The Retro Television Network (RTN) is a system of television stations primarily airing classic television programming from the 1950s through the 1980s, Schedules for some markets are customized to avoid conflicts for series with an existing station with a contract to air a program in that market.

This TV — digital network from Weigel and MGM that airs older shows and movies


Looks like they're not owned by the same company, and they avoid markets with competing type shows?


My bad. Turns out channel 6 in columbus, oh. has a subchannel that airs the This TV network so they do have both that and Retro TV in their market.

That's good to know.
We have THIS TV over here in Boston. They signed on in february. Sadly we don't have RTN. I wish we did though, they show alot of great 80's show I remember.

Hunter, knight rider, A-team etc. on over the air?? that'd be a dream come true! lol

In the summer of 2007 our CW affiliate had a music video sub channel but they were forced to shut it down in late 2007 for legal reasons. Something about FCC violations.
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