Review: Review ATSC TV Converter :New life for old TV's, and a dandy recorder!


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Not only does this converter provide an excellent digital TV signal for your old analog TV, it functions as a digital recorder and player of your favorite TV shows and other media. The USB port and your memory stick allow a convenient way to enjoy your recorded TV programs and play music, movie, and photo data. The converter seems to be more sensitive than my old one giving me an additional station and providing superior image quality. Use the supplied composite video/audio cable for the best image. Set up was pretty intuitive, which is a good thing since the instruction booklet was sub par. Do keep and read the booklet but use the Quick Installation sheet to get going. Then refer to the booklet and play with the Menu items to learn the finer details of using your box. It does not recognize Daylight Savings Time, so tell it you live in Canada and use Atlantic Time if you live in the Eastern US. You will need a fairly large memory stick if you intend to record much TV. It will allow you to record the program you are watching but apparently not another channel at the same time. It does allow recording your selected shows remotely while your TV is off. Do format your stick using the appropriate menu selection. I had problems recording until I did this. Allowing for a few quirks, this is an excellent piece of equipment especially given the price.

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