Review for DTA 800 CECB


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Out of the box, this converter box gave me great dtv reception when connected to a set of rabbit ears. In terms of video quality, the DTA seems to be ok, but I would like to see broadcast stations figure out a way to have less programs on that have to use the black bars. I also wish that RCA would have included the analog pass through feature, because I hate having to get up and remove my antenna from the back of converter and connect it to my TV, and vice versa when I want to watch DTV again. The Channel list - Electronic Program Guide on this box is 10x better over my other Zenith box. You can view nine channels at a time when calling the list up with your remote. I know on some converters, you can view programming for up to four ahours ahead of time, but the DTA 800 only allows you to view what show you're currently watching and the next show.

I guess that anyone looking for a converter box should be pretty happy if with the DTA, but make sure you look around because the lack of analog pass-thru is a pain in the rear!

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