Review: Good for the price but the program guide is terrible

I give the Zinwell ZAT-970 a 3 out of 5.

The most attractive option on this dtv box is the VCR-DVR timer. You can set the converter to record a certain channel at an exact time, and it will automatically configure itself accordingly. If that isn't enough, you can set up to 8 total automatic timers and have them change the channels throughout the day, week, or month.

The program guide is almost a deal breaker on this box. The only thing it'll display is the current program name and the program that will be airing right after the current program. It's sad that Zinwell didn't include a better guide, otherwise the ZAT would probably be one of the top selling units for the digital transition.

Analog pass-thru is a nice plus on this box which allows us to flip back and forth between analog and digital tv.

Bottom line, if you use your VCR to record programs over-the-air channels, this is the converter for you. If you don't need this option, get something else.

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