Review GPS i simplex with Mobile TV built in


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the GPS that i tested was an GPS with ISDB-TB one second built in turner, i simplex.

the characeristics of the GPS was

-GPS preloaded with the Chile map powered by Ndrive 11 software
-based in Windows CE 5
-MP3-Video player built in
-Bluetooth handsfree with functions of phone agenda and send SMS from the device using your cell phone with Bluetooth technology
-FM broadcast could you transfer the sound of the television to a FM radio frequency selectable for easy listening in the car of the audio of the GPS system or the Television
-Micro SD slot for get the capacity of the maps expanded

the GPS behavior

at first time the unit gets satellites signals in 1-2 minutes the cold start process in indoors the unit had problems of detect satellites signals something usual for GPS navigation systems in indoors environments.

later the hot startup (when the GPS navigator have the satellites in vista from a past session) the look up of signals is just of 30 seconds average in indoor environments.
the map that comes with the Ndrive is not upgraded from the past versions of Ndrive, in fact i found errors in streets names one avenue appear with a number instead of the name of the street and the street numbers of locations is erratic, my homeplace was not in the map the numeration so had to use the look up by intersections for that, the map contains the same errors than the map of NDRIVE 9 and 10 versions.

Multimedia Capabilities

The unit can play videos in some format of codecs the most usuals ASF, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP4, FLV and also MP3 formats, the videos played with certain problems when i inserted my Micro SD of my cell phone to play videos in the GPS unit, videos in MP4-WMV were played but not of the way as should be many could not be played.MP3 files were played good, although the internal speaker sounds louder and strident the treble frequencies.

Digital TV capabilities

this unit can receive signal of digital TV one second

the one second system is a signal that the Japanese system of digital television that can broadcast a lower MP4 of 320*240 video in format of low complexity format and the audio format is AAC LC but with an wideband narrowed for those little cell phones or small TV with not HD capabilities.

this application of TV in the GPS can also record broadcasts of TV in the Memory card also

the GPS unit the channel look up can be done entering to the tv application , for perform a channel search must get the tiny antenna extended fully, also the channel search in indoor can be sometimes not good, do not get all the channels that are broadcasting in the city in the modality One second . in indoor environments the reception have some issues constant break ups , loss the video and just listen the audio etc, also the static of some clothes can affect the signal received and that is translated in break up.

the One second signal in motion had problems in a car with panoramic windshield the reception of the channel 13.26 (UHF 24) get in three opportunities break up in the video and just the audio still specially in street where was many buildings also if you turn into a street got pixellations.
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the test were made in speeds of 50-60KM/H 31-37MPH, the car have an panoramic windshield and well the performance shown in reception while the car was in motion were not sastifactory supposing that the signal were made for holds and keep a broadcast while are in motion and in urban environments where is a lot of multipath and etc.
the conclusion is the following

this unit is fine for the intended use, the TV built in work relatively good for static tv viewing can be good, if you want use in the car while are on the road the reception is not totally flawless.


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