Reward card complaint - DirecTV

I signed up with Direc Tv on September 29, 2016 .
The offer was too good to pass so I went how long and agreed to their terms. I didn't have to pay for installation. And I was promised $400 in rewards cards by every agent that I spoke to. I receive my first reward claim for $200 and I followed all the instructions. According to the tracker I'm supposed to receive my first card before November 17.
So now I'm calling Direc Tv just to follow up on this and just to make sure that I'm doing everything correctly. Now to my surprise one of the representative that I spoke to today stated that he doesn't think or he thinks he might've misinformed me but to his knowledge I will only be receiving a $200 rewards card. I stated to him that I received an email with specific instructions to detail that I would receive $400 and we wards cards and I have the email to prove it he then proceeded to say then that may be AT&T promised that to me but he basically didn't know how to go about answering me. This is one of the things about AT&T and DirecTV that completely gets me annoyed. If I was told by five or six reps that I would be receiving $400 in rewards card and also an email I expect to receive those cards it is not my fault that the agents in for me incorrectly. On Monday I'm going to call the rewards department to follow up on this and find out what the situation is.
One thing I will not stand for is being false informed and then having one of the reps say well I'm sorry sir but they made a mistake . No, it is not my fault that the agent made a mistake so I'm assuming that the person that sent the email with detailed itemized and everything I made a mistake there too ?
Is someone out there has had the same experience as me I was going to same thing please give me some input on what it is that I have to do ?
thank you

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I was promised a $200 gift card when I signed up and after calling a few times they told me they didn't see that in their system and offered me a $100 dollar credit I said no and they came back with a $200 credit but refused to give me the gift card i was promised I still had the email for the original offer and they email from the day I signed up. I can't wait for this contract to be up...