Rewards Center says not Responsible for lost or stolen cards NOW WHAT? - DirecTV

I redeemed my att rewards and had been following the mail outs. The rewards never came, I contact rewards center and they said they are not responsible for lost or stolen cards.. I would gladly file a police report for mail theift however they won't give me the phone # the cards was activated under nor will they give me itemized statement of the 400.00 redeemed rewards card. I was counting on those cards.. It's one of the reasons I signed up for ATT over TW. They say nothing can do and just kept repeating herself over and over...Now I'm considering taking my business to TW and because the rewards cards were redeemed I'm liable for 400 for not completing my contract plus fees!! This is disheartening. I'm sure I can prove that that 400 card was not redeemed by me or a family member. But it doesn't matter. Who or where do I go to get assistance in some type of compensation. Like I said I would have a police report but very well cant file one without some sort of documentation....Any Ideas would be great appreciated


This question, "Rewards Center says not Responsible for lost or stolen cards NOW WHAT?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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