Richard Dawson of 'Hogan's Heroes' and 'Family Feud' Dies


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As you may have read, Richard Dawson died this weekend of cancer. Dawson first made waves as a comedic actor in the 1960s, especially in his best known role of Newkirk on Hogan's Heroes.

View attachment 1742 Hogan's Heroes aired for six seasons and was essentially a humorous take on the movie, Stalag 17. Laughing at World War II was easy with the outstanding cast of the comedy, including star Bob Crane. With Dawson's death, only Robert Clary of the original stars remains living. However, Cynthia Lynn who played Helga in the first season and Kenneth Washington, who starred as Baker, replacing Ivan Dixon, also survive.

His post HH career is best stated with the game show, Family Feud. Though not the first choice for host, he ultimately was the one who did the 1976 pilot and went on to host the show through 1985. Before the show left the air, he met his future wife, Gretchen, who was part of a competing family. When Dawson returned to host the final season of what was the newer Family Feud, he and Gretchen had become parents. That little girl didn't want her daddy kissing strange women, so he stopped that tradition that had made him famous during the initial run of the show. I thought that was so cute, and I remember him talking about it on the air during that first show back. He just wasn't that Romeo anymore; he was a daddy to a young child.

Dawson's natural English accent and charming looks made him a favorite with viewers, especially with his ability to make them laugh. He'll definitely be missed.