Ridiculously poor service - DirecTV

If you have directv and combine it with your wireless bill, be prepared to hate your life. I can't call anyone because everyone i call transfers me, that person transfers me again, and then i get hung up on. My service is terrible, has been from day one. Directv acknowledged this and gave me a credit and 3 months of HBO free. Got my bill today and not only was HBO not free but i was double charged. Now i try to call and speak to someone but its impossible. Directv won't talk to me because my bills combined, At&t won't talk to me because they don't have access to the Directv side, and the combined department closes at 7. This sort of customer service is border line criminal and if I don't get this resolved soon I will be writing a letter to the Attorney General showing every bit of evidence I have proving their service is poor and getting out of this contract. Do yourself a favor and go dish

This question, "Ridiculously poor service," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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