RIP Timmy White


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
All too young, Timmy White has died. He was 35, married, with kids. It was an apparent embolism.

I instantly recognized the name. When he was a little boy, he was kidnapped by the monster Kenneth Parnell. Parnell had kidnapped Steven Stayner 7 years before. Then a teenager, Stayner didn't want White to go through his nightmare, so he took him to the police station.

The true story was turned into the movie, I Know My Name is Steven. Stayner was a victim and a hero. He ultimately died in a motorcycle crash in '89 I think it was. He also left behind a wife and a couple of kids.

Parnell continued his monsterous ways but finally died in prison. No loss to the world.

The other sidebar to the story -- Stayner's brother Cary is the one who had his own headlines years later when he murdered several women in California. The parents have a heavy burden on them. They know they neglected Cary in their search and anxiety over Steven. I wouldn't want to be either of them for even a second.

Anyway, I was very saddened to hear about Timmy and was compelled to remind others about his story and how he was saved.