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This question is about "Robo call blocking by Spectrum voice service", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Nomorobo: Block unwanted calls from telemarketers, political parties and other automated calling systems. Robocalls such as school closing announcements and medical appointment confirmations are allowed.

The above is what TWC/Spectrum says it does but it does allow the customer's phone to range once and then it blocks or sends a message to the caller that the system has detected as a Robo call. My question is this: if Spectrum's system can identify the call as a Robo call why bother the customer by allowing the system to connect with the customer with 1 ring? That can be very annoying if it happens 9+ times a day!! Certainly if the system can identify the call as a robo call it should be able to completely block the caller without ringing the customer's phone. The FCC has recently given the phone companies more control over Robo calls. Come on Spectrum. You can do this. What do you the customer think?

This topic covered Robo call blocking by Spectrum voice service, and TWC cable internet service.


Because, in the end, Spectrum is a conservative company that seeks profits, not quality, unless lack of quality leads to reduced monthly profits. It's like 5 ducks sitting on the the edge of the pond waiting for the first ducky to jump in before the others follow. Spectrum is always last to adopt customer friendly options. That's why they changed their name from Charter to Spectrum. Charter as a brand was deemed to be unsaveable due to overwhelming negative association with the name. Once Sprint or AT&T start auto blocking, Spectrum will come around. It'll just be the last major carrier to do so.
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