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Are there any serious Rocky fans here? I was visiting the Philadelphia art museum and saw the Rocky statue. It is off to the side of the stairs. People pose for pictures. There was a guy who looked very much like Stallone, who posed for pictures. I am guessing he asked for $. He did look like him. People stand at the top of the steps and raise their hands. It is quite a run up those steps.
For me it's a toss up between the squirrel and the boxer. I didn't know which one you meant until you brought up Stalone.

The guy that invented the "steady cam" used it first on Rocky I. Revolutionary in the 70's.



I have taken a photo at the Rocky statue, too! I have loved the brutality and the innocence (if one can claim that!) of the Rocky series! Stallone was the right man for the job, IMO.


The statue is not in this location now. It is off to the right side of the art museum stairs. It is almost like it is now just a small part of the museum. I think that does make sense once you see whst is in the museum.
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