Roger Ebert's article on 3D movies


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He brings up a great point in that it adds nothing to the movie going experience. I think this is just a strategy that started with 'Avatar's ad and merchandising campaign, and now we have the whole thing everywhere in our faces to lure movie goers back to cinemas to watch mediocre films with great quality :)

What do you think?


I'm not a particular fan of bring 3d to television. I agree that it doesn't really add to much to the movie going experience, but it's certainly a way for movie makers to bring in some more cash.


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I say the same thing every 3D thread. I am old enough to remember the 3D stuff from the 50's and 60's at the cinema. It was a cool effect (or call it gimmick) but it was not then nor now the future of movies and TV. It lends itself much better to animation than actual camera work but a margin so large it should never be used with actual camera work.

Another though. I am slightly myopic (not mentally though accused frequently). If I have too small a TV in the room I need to wear glasses. I buy larger TVs not to wear glasses. So why do I want to wear glasses to watch 3D? I don't.


I just read a very interesting article in our local paper about 3D HDTV, seem's like everyone was waiting to see how Avatar would do. A lot of people thought Avatar would actually be a big flop because of it's huge over exploded budget and all the big TV makers were waiting to see how it would do. You've also got Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland doing very good. The article goes on to say that all the big producers and directers are now on board the 3D craze and we will be seeing alot of movies coiming out on 3D film and yes the main reason is money. The theaters feel they can charge more for 3D, 3D DVD's will cost more and of course you have all the equipment makers that will be making a ton of money. When you have movie makers like Cameron and Speillberg pulling for it, you know your going to see alot of it in the future. The author of the article also predect's with-in the next ten years technology will make 3D available with out the need of glasses, he points to the gaming craze and how it's advanced in such a small time into a multibillion dollar industry by graphics and 3D technology.
I myself see a big future in it, although I wish Hollywood would spend more money giving us GOOD movie's instead of fancey technology!
I don't think you'd find a single person who would argue the fact that a movie such as Avatar is truly a technical marvel, but I also feel that it's terribly over-rated as an actual movie when you consider that it's biggest selling points are based off the technical aspects and all the work that went into building the world. While Avatar is by no means a terrible movie, it's only groundbreaking in the sense that it has amazing graphics and not for very much else.