Roku 2 XS Streaming TV Player

Thomas G

Want to stream Netflix to your TV or connect the internet to your TV set to watch tv shows online? The Roku 2 XS is now priced at $84.95, a hot deal for anyone looking to add streaming television to their HDTV or older television set.

With built-in wi-fi, the Roku 2 XS can easily be connected to your home network; no internet cables needed.

What does a Roku do?

Think of it as a set-top-box that delivers free (and some optional pay content) television programming without the need for cable tv or satellite tv.

How difficult is it to install?

I purchased my Roku 2 last month, and had it setup in literally 2 minutes. Connected the power cord to my wall outlet, and then connected the A/V cord to my TV. Then set it up to access my home network.

What can I watch on a Roku?

Lets start with the free stuff. The Roku offers more than 150 free channels of programming and is adding more channels every day. Channels like Crackle and PopcornFlix offer full-length Hollywood movies and TV series.

Then there's the free News channels like WSJ Live, CNBC Real-Time, and Fox News that offers up-to-the-minute news coverage.

For paid media on the Roku, there are tons of different choices, but highlighting just a few of the sports choices. I like NBA Game Time which offers live broadcast games. MLB.TV Premium also gives viewers a chance to watch over 2,430 MLB regular season games live or on-demand.

What kind of video quality does Roku Have?

The Roku supports all video formats of newer and older television sets. But if you own an HDTV, the Roku can output 1080p high definition resolution with use of an HDMI cable. The HDMI cable is the only thing that is sold separate, and a decent one can be purchased for $10 or less.
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What else can I do with a Roku?

There are a ton of different things can you do with this device, like listening to internet radio with Pandora. There's also an optional SD card and USB input, so you can view pictures or home movies with the Roku. This device supports most a slew of different video and audio formats too.

The Roku 2 XS also offers gaming with its enhanced remote with motion control. Angry Birds is included with the purchase of this box and is a blast to play. I haven't tried any of the other downloadable games yet, but gaming is an added bonus with the Roku XS.


The Roku 2 offers an easy and cheap way to get extra TV programming for little money. If you're thinking about cutting cable or satellite TV, I think this little box has enough programming available to more than get you by. We spend over $1,000 a year in cable TV costs and are highly tempted to cancel after using the Roku 2 for a month.