Roku 3 vs Apple TV 3rd Gen - Which is best overall?



I have some questions regarding which streaming tv box to buy. Hopefully some one here can answer at least one of them.

- Smartphone control: which is the better box for compatibility with my iPhone 5? I'm talking about overall control and being able to display what's on my phone on my TV? Can either the Roku 3 or Apple TV do that?

- We like to watch a lot of Netflix, so which box has the best control and quickest access to Netflix? We use Netflix on our DirecTV Genie system right now but it's way too slow and you have to go through the menu and a few different choices to get to it which makes it not worth using.
You want to have overall control AND to display whats on the phone on the TV. ;)

You have an iPhone 5, so your only option is an Apple TV. This way you get both Airplay and Mirroring

You can get Netflix and Hulu + , on both the Apple TV and the Roku, and both support subtitles and / or Closed Captioning.

Flossie Clara

DTVUSA Jr. Member
The Roku 3 and the 3rd generation Apple TV both have their fair share of fans. But in a world of buffets, openness and simplicity, the Roku 3 I would guess, has many more.