Roku 3 vs Built-in Smart HDTV



Does anyone have advice on how the Roku 3 compares to built-in Smart HDTVs for streaming TV? Like Panasonic, Sony, or Vizio? I'm going to be buying an HDTV this next month and not quite sure about what to do about watching streaming TV. Seems like most TV manufactures include smart technology in their higher end models making it difficult to try and save money if I want to use a Roku 3.


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The big advantage to a Roku is the shear number of channels. Smart TVs have a limited number of channels that you can access while Roku has over 500. It may be smart to use a Roku even on a smart TV. The one channel that Roku is missing is YouTube, but that would be included on most smart TVs.


The Roku 3 looks really nice. I have been thinking about getting one for a while and this may get me to do it. I found a LOT of FAQs and Q&A on Amazon.

I can see no downside or catches to this product. I do have a question that I did not see an answer. With ROKU can I subscribe to one premium channel instead of a whole cable/sat TV?

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