Roku and TV Internet?



I'm about to purchase a Roku 3 for my television. My question is, I actually have 2 televisions, would it be possible to connect my new Roku 3 to both television sets or will I have to purchase a separate Roku 3 for each television set?


According to the Roku website, the Roku 3 requires an HDMI cable to be installed into your television. There is no mentioning of it being able to stream to other televisions, and the previous Roku models could not do this.

Since the Roku still needs a wireless connection and HDMI cable, it seems to suggest that only one Roku box will work with one television, meaning that you’d need two boxes for two televisions.

After looking at the comparison chart Roku provided, it appears that all Roku models operate in the same manner, with HDMI and a wifi connection. There is no mention of a “streaming” option, much like Air Play with Apple TV. It’s unfortunate that Roku does not do streaming between televisions, but I’d keep my eyes open for the next model, it may come eventually.


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Without an HDMI splitter and HDMI cables long enough to reach every TV, NO. Even if you do wire them all together, all TVs would have to watch the same thing.

I would suggest using the Roku 3 on your primary TV, and getting a Roku LT for each additional TV, they're only $50. Sometimes Roku 2 HD and Roku 2 XS can be found for about $50, too.