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I have two accounts at two addresses, I can activate my Roku at one address but I can't at the other one it keeps thinking I'm at my other address and saying I can't use the Streaming app because I'm not using my home wifi, but I am. Is there anyway to fix this I have called customer support and they basically told me that it was an issue with my Roku box and nothing they could do to help which after 20 mins trying to get passed the automated service to ask the question wasn't annoying enough now I can't use my xfinity stream app because it isn't recognizing that I have two accounts and I'm at home at both.

When I enter the authorize code it's telling me that I have to be home to use the app and techincal I am at home since I have two accounts at two different homes. Has anyone come across this issue and what can I do to fix it I can't break the accounts to two different ones I don't see the option maybe that would fix it? Can customer support split the accounts or do I have to literally go to the store so someone can understand and help me?

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