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Xfinity Stream Roku Beta ver 5.4

1 - Where can I find a channel list of the physical channels? IE channel 4 = CBS, 31=FOX, etc for all network channels as opposed to scrolling forever looking just at the channel icons?

2 - Why do channels repeat within the listing - IE my CBS is Channel 4 - but then is duplicated at Channel 1004. Same for other channels?

3 - When you get to the end of the listings (either at the bottom or the top of the channel order) - why does it not roll back onto itself? ie start back at the lower channels again

4 - Watching a channel and go to mini guide. When hovering over the mini guide - why does it no allow you to go to a full size guide and make the channel you are currently watching - become smaller - so you can see what is on later. Currently you have to almost exit completely out of the app to see full channel guide.

5 - Channel recording - there seems to be no availibility to record a show you are watching without going back out to the full guide and then go into the record show. Should have ability to be watching your channel - and press right button - like going into the mini guide - but there be additional button for option to press record - and either indicate how long or to record remainder of program.

6 - Favorites channel do not alway populate - although with v5.4 update it seems much better.

7 - Tier Subscriptions - I have not found a way to only see the channels that I am 'subscribed' to. When I go into see other channels on my channel line up - I'll get the 'You must upgrade your packagae listing'. Well - give me the ability to see just the package of channels that I am subscribed to along with an entire package channel listing - or grey those channels out or something. This goes back to my channel listing question #1.

8 - Labels for posting - really need one for Roku streaming as well.

As well - where can I find what was fixed or new options when a software update has been done on the Roku App Xfinity Beta.

I was a former Dish Network customer for 19y 11m 8d and finally ditched several months agao due to overall no value given to pre-existing customers that had supported then for all the years, along with looking at cutting my overall bills.

I work within the broadcast industry and do multiple beta testing for broadcast product gear used on productions.

Thanks much

- remotetveic

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