Roku Error Message (createDrmSession.403-102) - XFinity

I'm out of ideas. I constantly call customer service center when this issue comes up. My calls get escalated to higher up technicians and they do something on my connection to make the xfinity stream app work within 24 hours. However, it only lasts about a week or two before it crashes again. Just had a crew out here today that just replaced the cable line underground to the house, techs assured me that this would fix the issue. Nope still have issues! Have my own modem and router and customer service tells me that I have a very strong signal to the house, however I can't resolve this xfinity stream issue on the roku. Error message createdrmsession.403-102

I've read others on here with the same issues and some had different ways to resolve the issue. I've tried them all with no success.

This question, "Roku Error Message (createDrmSession.403-102)," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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