Roku Food Channel and HDTV suddenly say I'm not authorized - TWC TV and Apps

Up until 2 days ago, we were able to watch channels such as Food Network and HGTV on our Roku's with no problem. At the time we had the "starter package" from Spectrum. Yesterday, it appears that these apps have a new, more attractive interface on Roku, however they suddenly stopped working when we attempted to watch anything.

I called Spectrum today and they put me on new plan that specifically includes those channels, however I STILL get an unauthorized error trying to watch those channels on Roku.

Error 60.002
You are not authorized to view this video. Please check your subscription or parental guide settings.

We have never set any kind of parental guide settings, and certainly did not set any within the past 48 hours.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions? These two channels are pretty much all we watch.

This question is about "Roku Food Channel and HDTV suddenly say I'm not authorized", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.


im getting to prop to re autherize on my roku and when i enter the activation code it gives it says invalid this also started afew days ago it occurs when i try to use live tv foodnetwork on my roku i had no issures before

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