Roku, IOS, and will not work - TWC TV and Apps

I keep getting an error that either parental controls block or I don't subscribe to a package that allows my Roku and iOS apps or to work. I have no parental controls enabled. It started in October, I've chatted and phoned multiple times and humored the support by uninstalling and reinstalling everything. I've rebooted the DVR and the cable modem. Nothing seems to work. Eventually they passed me off to someone on the phone who said it is a "known issue" and they are "working on it," but it has now been two months!

Everything was fine for years before Spectrum came along . I'm at a point where I may have to swtich to AT&T if things don't get fixed--there is no point in paying for features that don't work.

This question is about "Roku, IOS, and will not work", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.