Roku missing channels - TWC TV and Apps

We recently had some channels not showing up on the spectrum roku app. Spectrum tech support tells me they don't know how we've even been using it since we don't have a digital box. We have the very basic starter channels and have always used the roku to watch our channels. Never have we been told that we have to have a digital box to use the roku app and it's been working just fine for the past year of using it. Since we mainly only use it for local channels and news I'm probably just going to cancel services and go to an attic antenna but thought I would ask around first in case I just got a misinformed tech since it's always worked for us. We only have one tv so have had no need for a box since we use the roku and I'm not going to pay a rental fee just to use the starter package. Any ideas?

This question is about "Roku missing channels", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.