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Love the new Roku app. Particularly the ability to select "last watched" stuff from the get-go, as I generally use it at my desk while trading in the market, the only channel I watch is CNBC, so 99% of the time I just click on CNBC in last watched and I'm off. Love it!

I'd like to suggest a new feature: while watching a live channel, and pushing the up-arrow on the Roku remote, I currently see a "last watched" button, play/pause, channel up/down, etc. I'd like to see a "record show you're watching" (or something simlilar) button next to Last Watched that would automatically start a recording of that show. Then, if the show is recording, replace "record this show" with "watch recording of this show" button so you can switch over to that recording instead of the live stream.

Or, more simply, if someone hits pause while watching a live stream, you might ask if the user wants to start a recording now and, if so, start recording and switch to the recording all at once.

Its easy to do this manually by going out to the guide and starting a recording, so it's not like the capability isn't there to pause/watch live; its just a matter of buffering it in "recordings" and by asking at the time the user hits pause you would make it clear that it is, in fact, a new recording in your recordings queue.

You can reward me by letting me use my Roku player outside of the home. Or at least let me register one Roku device for use outside of home. I'd really, really like to do that when I'm travelling.


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