Roku Xfinity Stream App Error (create DRM session 403-102) - XFinity

I am unable to use either Roku device (I have two) to stream TV on the Xfinity Stream App. I am able to stream using my laptop or tablet, just not either TV with my Roku devices. I receive the error message (create DRM session 403-102). I know that I am connected to my home network. I have called Comcast twice to troubleshoot and have been led through a series of steps (restarting the modem, deleting & re-installing the app, restarting the Roku, etc.) that did not solve the problem. I am not sure if purchasing a newer modem would solve the problem as I do have an older model (2016) that Comcast calls an "unsupported or personal device". I would hate to do so when it otherwise works just fine. However, I find little need for the cable I just signed up for when I can't even watch it on two of my TVs. It seems that people have reported some success with resolving this problem using this forum. I am hoping to also find a resolution, as I feel my only other choice is to cancel my service. I don't want to spend any more of my time on the phone troubleshooting this problem.

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