Roku's New Ad Plans To Convert The Masses

The holiday season is coming up and Roku Inc has started their new advertising campaign to highlight all of the successes of the year and convert new people to the cord cutting lifestyle. It launches today and focuses on the phrase “Now This Is TV.”

The goal of Now This Is TV is to reach consumers wherever they are, whether they are at the movie theater, on a streaming video website, or a variety of other places that can help reach people who love movies and television, but might be interested in enjoying them when they want and on their own terms, like with a Roku. You won’t see many ads on television for a Roku, but in truth, anyone who has one knows that this is the future.

By focusing on all of the year’s success, they’re hoping to convert those that have been left out. The original shows coming to Netflix and Hulu, the variety of games native to the Roku, and the huge possibilities that it open up are all things that consumers want, they just might not know it yet. Even better, those getting ready to buy gifts for someone might not know about it and find that it’s the perfect match.

Roku has become the far and away leader in streaming content, variety, and affordability. Self-gifting is more popular than ever in the modern age and Roku hopes to tap into that trend. The organization that tracks this kind of trend found that consumers are willing to spend about $130 on gifts just for themselves, The ads feature a middle-aged Ukrainian man named Moxkat to embody that spirit. He loves television, he loves the Roku, and he’s going to tell you exactly why. With his “foolproof plan,” anyone can buy a Roku for themselves and not feel guilty about it. Just say it’s from him!

The chief marketing officer for Roku, Matthew Anderson, said that “This Holiday season will be the biggest ever for streaming to the TV and Moxkat brings attention to why a Roku player should be on the top of everyone’s gift list. His passion for Roku and clever approach to self-gifting bring a fresh perspective to the often tiring task of Holiday shopping. The most important question when buying a streaming player is ‘What can I watch?’ and this campaign highlights the superior selection of movies and entertainment available only on Roku.” It sounds like Roku has finally figured out how to completely take over the world of streaming content.

With 5 million Roku boxes sold, it seems like they have established a quality base to grow off of, but this new step into video advertising promises to be the next level that Roku needs to take charge. The inventor of the DVR invented it after all, so many people just need to know what they’re missing in order for them to be convinced to make the switch. Who hasn’t enjoyed the miracle work that the DVR has done?