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I looked and didn't see a rotor thread. Rotors have changed so much from the days I played with them on ham bands, not sure if there is even a good TV rotor still made from what I remember hearing they have plastic gears (made to fail).

Anyone here tried several rotors or even had luck with one?

I am considering redoing my TV antenna when I take a tree out. Going with something large like a HD8200. I want a rotor that lasts a few years because the tower really isn't climbable, and there will be a bucket truck here for the tree anyway.

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Piggy, et al:

As far as I know, the last 'light-duty' rotor that uses metal gears were from Alliance and by today's standards, they would qualify as 'medium duty'. Great rotors (I had four of them) and they are still available here! Alliance and Genie antenna rotator and rotor control boxes

About two years ago I saw a remote-controlled Channel Master rotor on my local Craigslist (cheap) and I have had no problems with it. I'm using a 5 foot steel mast (on top of a 40 foot telescopic mast) and a Channel Master 4221. It even recalibrates itself after every 100th antenna position change.



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Great idea Piggy ! :dance:

Now, IF they start making TV's which actually use them. Often times, we have Users who could use a Rotor, but given how average TV's won't "remember" what's out there, it's been a difficult sell.


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If it's going to be up on a tower, I would look for something designed for the HAM market, or an old used one.

It's hard to find a used one with metal gears because they are often tossed out when antennas are uninstalled, or the controller is separated from the rotor.
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