Rovio TV Channel and Angry Birds Toons Coming on March 17th

In an industry first, Rovio, the creator of the Angry Birds franchise will deliver an update on March 17th, to their games that will unlock a new channel and deliver its weekly Angry Birds Toons animated series to game players across the globe.

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More than just launching the channels from game apps on mobile devices, the series will also be available on Smart TVs, on select video-on-demand channel providers, on select TV networks, as well as other connected devices (like the Roku).

The distribution channel expansion to the some 1.7 billion downloads of Rovio's apps, marks the start of their "journey towards becoming a fully fledged entertainment powerhouse."

Angry Birds Toons will launch 52 weekly episodes beginning on March 16th on broadcast TV, and on all Angry Birds apps and on video-on-demand platforms the following day.

Xfinity on Demand subscribers in the US, as well as subscribers of all of Comcast's other video platforms, plus Samsung Smart TVs will have access to the shows at launch. Other platforms, and Roku boxes will gain access at a later, so far undetermined, date.

TV networks such as FOX8 in Australia, ANTV in Indonesia, JEI TV in Korea, MTV3 (including Juniori) in Finland, the Children's Channel in Israel, Cartoon Network in India, Gulli and Canal J in France, and others across the world will be able to see the premeier Angry Birds Toons episode on the 16th.

To further their launch release, Rovio has partnered with the likes of BlackBerry, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and Activision.

More on Rovio

Angry Birds Toons series landing on a screen near you! is great news, but for those unfamiliar, here is a little back story on Rovio, and the Angry Birds franchise.

Founded in 2003, with Angry Birds as their now flagship product, Rovio saw international success within just a few months after the release of their "casual puzzle game."

It "is now the number one paid app of all time."

On various platforms, 9 games (mostly Angry Birds renditions) have been created including: Angry Birds (the original), Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Friends, Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies, The Croods and Angry Birds Star Wars.

Angry Birds Toons: Coming to Angry Birds apps on March 17!