Rumor mill: Wii will drop to $150


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The rumor mill around the net is saying that the Wii will drop to $150 soon.

I remember when it was going for above the MSRP, and the only way you could get one was to wait out in line in the cold/rain, pay a premium on ebay or be extremely lucky.

I walked into Game Stop one day when they just got a set of them in.


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Not sure about the hard drive part. They may just add more flash memory like they did to the current Wii.

I think backwards compatibility with Wii is a given.

You can add a LAN port to the Wii via USB. You don't even need the nintendo adapter. Certain third party USB ethernet dongles will work. Mine is currently using a third party adapter. I have wifi in the house but Wii doesn't support enterprise encryption which I use on my network. I definitely would like to see a wired LAN port built in though.

Don't hold your breath on Blu-ray. The current version doesn't even play DVDs.
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