Runaround By Directv - DirecTV

Recently updated with the new Genie Equipment. From the get go, Internet Connection keeps dropping out. First call to Technical Service I was connected to person who I could not understand except she was very clear that there was a problem that was being worked on and that I should not call back about the issue. Advised that someone would e-mail me with updates or if issue has been corrected. So far, no updates. Called back this morning about same issue and got someone who spoke English clearly and she also advised that there was a system problem that has not been corrected. Also said that a Service Rep would not be sent to my home as he or she would not be able to correct. Another issue has developed as the local CBS affliate in Milwaukee's picture periodically goes black. She acknowledged that this also was a Directv issue with some of the local channels. Wisconsin has a lemon law on the books for consumers and suspect that early termination fees could be waived if service rep makes three visits for the same complaint, however, it appears that Directv avoids situation by not sending out reps. I have been a Directv customer for over 20 years and extremely disappointed with their respone to my issues.

This question, "Runaround By Directv," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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