Running 2 TV's with DTVPal DVR


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I am trying to run 2 tv's with the dvr. I have a couple issues.

1. I'm using the component output to power the main tv. Trying to use hdmi for the 2nd thru cat5 baluns. I can't get the dvr to handshake with the tv.

2. I'm using an IR remote extender for the 2nd tv. If I get it aimed just right, it works well. However, then it seems to block out the signal for the remote on the main tv.

3. So far I've spent $40 on baluns, $25 on cat5 cable, $40 on remote extender. It appears to get it working properly, I'd need a better quality self powered balun(mine rob voltage off the hdmi to power them) and possibly a better remote extender setup.

I'm thinking I should just bite the bullet and buy another dvr for the 2nd tv. I've looked at the Dish IR to UHF remote extender. My old dish satellite dvr had uhf for the 2nd tv and it worked well. However, this is an IR conversion, so I'd still have to aim a diode at the IR receiver on the dvr. I'd probably end up with the same headache I have now. Anybody have a different idea on how to do this, or am I just being cheap?