Sac Kings: Never Trust a Maloof


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To be honest, I really don't care if the Sacramento Kings stay in the city or not, but it's been a hard story to miss over the last couple of years. Last month, there was this huge meeting with David Stern of the NBA, the Maloofs, and Sac's mayor, ex-NBA player Kevin Johnson. An agreement was struck and now the Maloofs have reneged on it. I never trusted them, and it looks like they are running their own little scam to leave the city.

Moral: never trust a Maloof. Their words mean nothing and neither does their business handshake.

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Some in Seattle are trying to get that team to come here. We kicked out the SuperSonics because they DEMANDED their own new Stadium be built with tax dollars. As far as I am concerned, the gazillionaire owners and millionaire orange-ball bouncers can go play with themselves.



, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Jim, you don't want the Maloofs. Trust me on this. They want to go to Anaheim and had a deal to go there that the NBA thwarted by supporting Sac in the quest to keep the Kings. At the start of all of this the Kings insisted on a new arena and refused any notion of revamping the current one. So -- fast forward, new deal of an arena goes forward. They back out and now are trying to say they'd support the revamp. Ah, excuse me? They are liars and they've totally lost the trust of the business community and a lot of angry fans. Ultimately, they are also smart because by alienating most everyone, they are creating anger and apathy that will end up letting them move. Savvy these Maloofs ... but if they do it to us, they'll do it to any town.
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