Safari (Mozilla) Browser Problem


Acer Aspire One Netbook
WinXP w/OS X theme

Safari Browser is a nice alternative to IE 7 and up, however it has this annoying nag which requires me ending the program through the task manager since it locks me out of it. it's a dialog box but since it's blank, it's not able to be clicked or closed, so it locks out the browser behind it. it's odd. here's a screenshot of the last time it happened, as i tried to go to Google from a site known as Grooveshark (legal MP3 playback):



Happens to me with ie everyday with other websites. ;)

It could just be a glitch/compatibility issue with Safari that they haven't worked out yet.
It's very annoying. every once in awhile at random a blank dialog and nothing. try hitting enter or escape, sometimes it lets go and goes away other times i have to ctrl-alt-delete end 'safari.exe' and restart the browser. if it's a bug no discussions in safari, Mac, or other forums seem to have come of it, at least not by googling.